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    Kurai Honoo Onii Ousama (Dark Flame Demon King)


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    Kurai Honoo Onii Ousama (Dark Flame Demon King)

    Post  Kazama_Hyugo on Tue Jul 31, 2012 10:58 pm

    Zanpakuto Name: Kurai Honoo Onii Ousama

    Zanpakuto Spirit:


    Sealed Appearance:

    Release Phrase: Awaken, Kurai Honoo Onii (Dark flame demon)

    Shikai Appearance:

    Shikai Abilities:The sword erupts in black flames and he is able to launch these flames at his opponent by swinging his sword. Further more, he can charge up the power in his blade for a powerful cannon like effect of black fire.

    Bankai Release Phrase: Join the fray and make your power known Kurai Honoo Onii Ousama.

    Bankai Appearance:

    Bankai Abilities:Upon Bankai, Kazama is engulfed by his blade which encases him in a powerful armor. In this form he gains flight, via wings, increased strength, speed, and refelxes. He also gains the ability to fire blasts of black fire from his hand for a sustained period of time, or fire off concentrated orbs of explosive shadow flame. He also gains a resistance to heat and the ability to generate and control his shadow flame in various ways, putting it to use in combat in unique and varying styles.

    Technique Template

    Name: Shikai, Black Flame wind
    Effect:By swinging his weapon, Kazama is able to send slashes of black flame at his opponent, much like ichigo's getsuga tensho, though less powerful.
    Duration / Cool Down: Can be used only once per post.

    Name: Shikai, Black Flame Cannon
    Effect: By charging power into his sword, Kazama can unleash a cannon like blast of Black Fire at his opponent. It is similar to Black Flame wind but much more powerful and destructive, adding a concussive blast to the burning effect.
    Duration/ Cooldown: It is a one post use and takes five posts to recharge

    Name: Bankai, Black Fire cone
    Effect: Kazama can fire a cone of black fire from his hand.
    Duration/ Cooldown: This technique can be sustained for three posts and then takes three posts to recharge.

    Name:Bankai, Black Flame Shield
    Effect:Kazama uses his black fire to create a sheild to block rieatsu based attacks, such as kido attacks or zanpakto attacks. It can block Kido attacks up to number 89, and can block up to lieutenant level zanpaktou rieatsu attacks.
    Duration/Cooldown: Can be sustained for one post and requires two posts to recharge.

    Name: Bankai, Black Flame cannon
    Effect: Similar to his Shikai's Black fire cannon, but much more powerful.
    Duration/Cooldown: Requires a one post charge and then seven posts before use again.

    Name: Bankai, Black Flame whip
    Effect: Creates a whip from Black Flame that he can use to strike or ensnare opponents.
    Duration/Cooldown: Can be sustained for three posts, requires three post cooldown.

    Name: Bankai, Black Flame sword
    Effect: Similiar to the black flame whip, can be used to slash opponents or block Zanpaktou.
    Duration/Cooldown: Can be sustained for however long he wishes, but can not be used again for a same number of posts.

    Name: Bankai, Demons Shot
    Effect: His ultimate attack. His Bankai armor melts off his body and forms into the palms of his hands. He then unleashes it upon his foe for a devestating attack.
    Duration/Cooldown: Takes three posts to charge for a one post shot. Afterwards his Zanpaktou is returned to sealed form and he can not resume shikai for ten posts, or Bankai for twenty posts.

    Name:Bankai, Increased speed.
    Effect: His speed increases in Bankai form. He is not as fast as Ichigo in his bankai, but he is fast enough to make it difficult for foes to keep up.
    Duration/Cooldown: Sustained part of Bankai.

    Name: Bankai,Increased strength
    Effect: In bankai his strength becomes greater, allowing him to compete with the likes of captain Komamura.
    Duration/Cooldown: Passive effect of Bankai

    Name: Bankai,Increased reflexes
    Effect: In Bankai his agility and reaction time increases, giving him the reflexes of captain soi fon, making him a much harder to hit opponent.
    Duration/Cooldown: Passive effect of Bankai.

    Name: Bankai, Black flame martial arts.
    Effect: His basic form of fighting in Bankai, including his fists, feet, elbows, knees, wings, tail, and horns. He can add a coating of Black Flame to these attacks for added damage.
    Duration/Cooldown: Basic attack pattern of Bankai. Adding Black fire to an attack lasts for one post and takes one post to recharge.

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    Re: Kurai Honoo Onii Ousama (Dark Flame Demon King)

    Post  Kazama_Hyugo on Tue Jul 31, 2012 11:01 pm

    Approved. Tis is the example of what I am looking for in Zanpaktou descriptions, and other races equivilent.

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