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    Ranks to be followed


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    Ranks to be followed Empty Ranks to be followed

    Post  Kazama_Hyugo on Wed Aug 01, 2012 11:33 pm

    Allright, ranks. You cant just jump in and say, I am the captain commander, I am espada number 1, you have to earn this through rp. You can either level up your character by rping or save up rp points to start a new high end character, your choice!

    The following are the ranks and the required amount of soul to APPLY for those ranks. Just because you have enough sould does not gaurantee you a rank. The best rpers, the most active members, and hopefully a combination of both, will be considered for rank above others.

    Captains, Espada, Der Gott(Bount), Quincy Grand Master,Vizard leader, Capo Supremo(Human):Required soul of 100,000. Once you reach the required soul, pm an application to me with the requested rank and why you should have this rank. A sort of resume.

    Lieutenants and equivelant:50,000

    third seat and equivilant:40,000

    Any questions please pm me.

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