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    Zanpaktou template


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    Zanpaktou template Empty Zanpaktou template

    Post  Kazama_Hyugo on Tue Jul 31, 2012 5:15 pm

    Zanpakuto Name:(Place the name of your zanpakuto here.)

    Zanpakuto Spirit:(Please insert a picture or physical description of your Zanpakuto's spirit/avatar)

    Family:(The element of your zanpakuto)

    Sealed Appearance:(Please insert a picture or a description of your Zanpakuto before it is released.)

    Release Phrase:(The phrase that you must shout to activate your shikai. E.x.: ROAR, Zabimaru)

    Shikai Appearance:(The Appearance of your Zanpakuto once it has entered its Shikai Stage.)

    Shikai Abilities:(The Abilities you Zanpakuto gains once it has been released.)

    Bankai Release Phrase:(The release phrase for you bankai e.x: Senbon Zakura Kaggeyoshi)

    Bankai Appearance: (The appearance of your zanpakuto once released into its bankai stage.)

    Bankai Abilities:(The Abilities your Zanpakuto gains on its transition to bankai)

    Technique Template

    Duration / Cool Down:

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