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    power levels and damage


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    power levels and damage Empty power levels and damage

    Post  Kazama_Hyugo on Wed Aug 01, 2012 11:05 pm

    Allright, here you will be basing rp health and such on an hp system, the hp being referred to as soul. Your attack damage will be based on rp. The better you rp the more damage you can do! Admins will read posts and deterine damage dealt for each attack, taking into account race and wepon used. Soul has varying levels for all races, humans and modsouls starting the lowest but growing the fastest, shinigami, Vizard, and arrancar starting the highest but growing the slowest, quincy and bount somewhere in between. You gain soul through rp, the more you rp the stronger you get! You can use rp to boost your current character, gaining soul and rank, or you can save up all this Soul for a new character to unveil a new captain or lieutenant!

    Starting Soul!

    Human and Modsouls:Soul 1000 grows by 9% for normal scenes, 12% training rp, and 15% battle scene

    Quincy and Bount: Soul 4500 grows by 6% normal scenes, 8% training scenes, 10% battle scenes

    Shinigami Vizard and Arrancar: Soul 10,000 grows by 3% normal scenes, 4% training scenes, and 5% battl scenes.

    After you reach 100,000 soul however EVERYONE, regardless of race, revert to 3% normal scenes, 4% training scenes, and 5% battle scenes.

    This is to prevent humans from coming along eventually and simply pwning everything. Yes, humans will bcome stronger faster, but it can remain fair!

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