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    Name: Hyugo, Kazama


    Age: Real age is 793, appears to be in his early thirties.

    Appearance: Kazama is 6'6" 257 lbs with a muscular physique. He has a scar running down his right eye and another across the bridge of his nose, forming an X, albeit a malformed X, just below his eye. He also has a scar in the center of his chest as if something was stbbed into him. He has a strong, lantern jaw, a blunt nose that has obviously been broken a few times, and sharp blue eyes. His hair is black for the most part with a few white hairs starting to sneak in. He keeps hi face clean shaven and his hair pulled back into tight cornrows that are then bunched together and hang to just below his shoulder. He carris his Zan-Paktuo on his left hip, tied there with a red sash, and also sports the common black kimono and straw sandals, with the sleeveless white coat.

    Gender: Male

    Personality: Kazama is a quiet man who prefers to allow others to lead and plan when possible, though he is quick to interject if a plan seems foolish to him, or will cost lives. He is proud, fierce, and loyal, to his own men before the thirteen court gaurd squads. He would gladly step in front of a blade to save the life of an innocent or an ally, and meets any foe in combat with respect, always assuming his opponent is hiding some part of his power. Kazama himself holds nothing back, ever, in either training or real combat, he gives everything he has, believing it to be the only way to grow stronger.

    Division: Kazama is captain of squad one, and thus leader of all the other squads.

    Likes: Kazama enjoys being alone for the most part, entertaining himself with sword play or puzzles, or simply meditating. He also enjoys combat, a time to truely pit his skill, strength, and mind against others, though he would not admit it. Kazama has only one thing he enjoys doing with others, and that is teaching. He knows that those under his command look to him for many things and so he strives to give them all the training, skills, and knowledge he can, in hopes that they will survive combat and pass what they learn onto others.

    Dislikes: He hates being put on the spot, being a poor public speaker. He also hates being disturbed unless it is necessary. Oh and he also hates insects. Troublesome little pests.

    Specialties: Kazama is rather bright, skilled at figuring out complicated puzzles, though rarely riddles go figure. He is also a skilled cook and, to his embarassment, dancer.

    History: Hyugo Kazama is from the rukon district where his father ran a small fabric stall. It brought home enough money for the Hyugo family to live comfortably on, if not richly, and thus they were happy. Kazama was the third child of six, and thus was left alone for the most part which was fine with him. He would bury his nose in a book or puzzle a few feet away from where the other children were playing, and wait for the sun to set. His siblings and the other children in the neigborhood loved bringing him puzzles and challenging him to solve them, always asking for his desert if he failed. He never did, thus gaining the attention of some of the adults in the area. Puzzles came, were solved, and left, Kazama's father always making sure things never got out of hand. Almost as impressive as his puzzle solving abilities were his skills with a sword. The neighborhood children often gathered wooden swords and held mock wars, one of the few times Kazama ever put down his books and puzzles and played with others. Every time his side came out victorious, thus it was no surprise when he was sent to the shinigami academy. Again he did well there and could often be found having debates with the instructors about various matters, testing their knowledge with his. But he disliked all of the necessary social activities, and disliked the team building excercises more, and thus strove for a position he thought would grant him the solitude and quiet he desired. Upon his graduation from the Shinigami academy he immediatly began working towards the coveted rank of captain.

    Attaining the position of captain placed before Kazama a challenge unlike any he had yet faced. He was skilled in both swordplay and kido with an impressive mind, however his dislike of social activity alienated him from most of his squad quickly, many of them getting the wrong idea about him when he declined to go out with them, his fellow squad mates thinking it a matter of snobbishness rather than discomfort. Thus he found himself granted more and more of the alone time he enjoyed so much. Only one squad member was not alienated by his standoffish behavior, a young woman Named Hinata. She herself was a shy quiet girl and understood Kazama's reluctance to join in social activities. She could often be heard defending him when other squad members spoke ill of him, and Kazama grew to respect her for her courage and understanding. Shortly the two became close friends and Hinata became one of the few people Kazama ever called friend. However it was a short lived friendship. During a routine mission to the spirit world to investigate reports of hollow sightings, a mission Kazama, Hinata, and a few others had volunteered for, things went horribly wrong. The hollow's launched an ambush for the shinigami in a coordinated, planned attack unlike anything the small band of soul reapers had ever seen. In the end only Kazama and two other shinigami made it back to the seretei, all wounded, with Kazama trying to go back for Hinata, who had held the Hollow's back so the others could escape.

    When Kazama was finally concious again, after having been sedated to heal him, he had continued insisting on going back, alone if neccessary, to save Hinata and the others, he learned of the fate of the rest of his team. Shortly after being brought back, the squad eleven captain and a few of his officers had gone back to try saving the others. They returned with only bodies, reporting the Hollow's gone. The two others had also survived and were recovering however. Kazama was devestated though, believing Hinata's death to be his own fault, a result of his own weakness and inability to protect her and others.

    To prevent any further weakness, to save others from falling due to his own weakness, Kazama began a rigorous training routine, pushing himself harder and harder everyday to the point of collapsing alone on te training field. He would lay there some nights, to exhausted to move, and it was during those times he found himself communing with his zanpaktou. He would remain there in the dust, communing with his zanpaktou, his soul, until his captain would come out and order him to stop. In this way Kazama came to learn his Zanpaktou's name, and its power, and before long he was able to put that power to use.

    Again Kazama was sent to the human world with another squad of volunteers, again to investigate reports of hollow's. And again they were ambushed in a disturbing display of coordination. This time however Kazama was more prepared and released his Shikai for the first time before others. With his new Shikai the group of Shinigami were quickly winning against the Hollow's. But again victory eluded Kazama. During combat a foe found their way behind him, a powerful one. He still doesnt know who this being is, or what they look like. A hand erupted from hi chest and darkness consumed him. When he awoke he was in the fourt squad barracks. He was the only survivor of the small group that had gone to the human world and had been found barely alive by the squad eleven officers who had one looking for them.

    Again Kazama felt this was his fault, because of his own weakness. He was shortly after promoted to an officers seat, but it was hollow to him, meaning nothing. Again he undertook rigorous training, pushing himself in both swordsmanship and kido training, even going as far as to go to other officers and captains to ask them to train him. Through this training his skills improved in Kido, Swordsmanship, healing techniques, tactics, and any other things, quickly moving him up through the ranks. But it was still not enough for him. He realized that he still wasnt strong enough to protect others, to overcome his weakness, and so looked within for strength. There is where he found his Bankai, his greatest weapon to defend others. With his Bankai he was in line to replace his captain when he moved to squad zero to protect te royal family. And there, Kazama meant to protect his men, to never allow his own weakness's to cause others to fall again.

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    Approved, this is what I am hoping for from members. The better your character and Zanpaktou app, the better your chance of becomin Captain, or other race equivelant.

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